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  • 7 Megatrends Reshaping Manufacturing Process Excellence7 Megatrends Reshaping Manufacturing Process Excellence
    Whether it's the ubiquity of robots automating manufacturing processes, 3-D printing making manufacturers face up the realities of digitial disruption or the rising cost of raw materials, there's no disputing that there are some tectonic shifts driving change within manufacturing processes.
    This downloadable ebook compiles 7 of the top "megatrends" that are driving widespread changes in the way that manufacturers must think about and approach their processes.
  • Management Insight for Effective Organizational ChangeManagement Insight for Effective Organizational Change
    This article compilation, of a series of columns authored by Dr. Robert Swaim published on, explores the enduring truths on managing change in the works of management consultant Dr. Peter F. Drucker – who has been hailed as one of the greatest management thinkers of the last hundred years. It examines the reasons driving change in enterprise, common ways that change efforts fail, and explores a simple formula to help you better manage the "change equation".
  • SPECIAL REPORT: Unleashing the power of process SPECIAL REPORT: Unleashing the power of process

    Ahead of the Manufacturing Process Excellence Summit, PEX Network worked on a State of the Industry research project to better understand general trends in how companies are approaching operational excellence.

    In the survey of process professionals, the bulk of respondents were mostly from North America and Manufacturing topped the list for industry representation.


  • Is US Manufacturing on the rise?
    "Is the US manufacturing renaissance real?" reads a recent headline in Time magazine. The article’s answer is a tentative yes, with the caveat that the indices used to gauge performance are diverse, sometimes conflicting, and subject to temporal bias.


  • Teaching elephants to dance: Interview with BMWTeaching elephants to dance: Interview with BMW's Hanne Dinkel

    Technological disruption, global competition, changing customer demands - whatever your industry it’s likely that your company is being buffeted by these forces of change. But, especially if you’re a large organization.So is it possible to teach an elephant to dance? Yes it is, says Hanne Dinkel, Vice President of Operations at BMW. Here's how BMW has been using Lean and beyond to adapt to the sheer velocity of change today.

  • Getting middle management buy in: Interview with RockTennGetting middle management buy in: Interview with RockTenn's George Turner
    In this Process Perspectives podcast, George Turner, Vice President of Six Sigma at RockTenn – one of North America’s largest packaging manufacturing companies - discusses the importance of making sure that the business is driving your transformation efforts and explains why he doesn't shout too loudly about Six Sigma successes. 
  • Innovation: How Ford gets its mojoInnovation: How Ford gets its mojo

    Today the car industry is global and highly competitive. Manufacturers must innovate both their processes and their products just to stay afloat.

    In this Process Perspectives podcast, Rick Amori, Six Sigma Deployment Champion for the Research and Innovation Center at Ford talks more about the company's unique approach to innovation.

  • Why communicating failure might be critical to your successWhy communicating failure might be critical to your success
    Sanjay Gupta, ‎Director of Operational Excellence at SWM, the world’s biggest producer of cigarette paper, says that communicating failure is an important part of managing your process excellence program. “At the end of the day,” he explains. "We're in the business of process improvement and failures are a place where we can improve."



  • Operational Excellence at Kraft Foods: Interview with VP Operations Jim DurkinOperational Excellence at Kraft Foods: Interview with VP Operations Jim Durkin

    In this video interview, Durkin discusses the company’s operational excellence program and the key areas of focus for the year ahead.

    Questions discussed in this interview:

    •Can you give us a background to Kraft Foods operational excellence program?
    •What are your key operational excellence priorities in the year ahead?

  • Future trends in manufacturing: Interview with McKinseyFuture trends in manufacturing: Interview with McKinsey's Lou Rassey

    In this video interview, Lou Rassey, Principal at McKinsey & Company discusses what's ahead for the manufacturing sector and how manufacturing companies will need to compete in the brave new world that confronts them.

  • Are you trouble shooting or getting to true root cause?Are you trouble shooting or getting to true root cause?

    Root Cause Analysis is a fundamental technique that every process excellence practitioner needs to understand in order to find long-term solutions. But how do you know when you've actually found the true root cause of a problem? In this video interview Jing describes why getting to root cause is so difficult and discuss what "leverage points" are and how you can find them.


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