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 Robert G. Herman
Robert G. Herman Director, Continuous Improvement Kimberly-Clark International

Wednesday, June 18th: Main Conference Day Two

2:30 PM Using strategic metrics to align and prioritize process improvements investments and initiatives

Time is the currency of the 21st economy and organizations are now competing against it. An organization needs to review its measures, if implementation of lean manufacturing systems as pull, TPS or quick responsiveness have not achieved the anticipated results. The use of lead-time (order to ship time) is a customer oriented measure and does not take into account the other primary stakeholders in the organization. Flow Time is a measurement index for all manufacturing systems since it promotes the elimination of waste in the entire supply chain. An organization must change its measurements to assist in changing ingrained behavior. Driving new behavior with old measurements sends confusing signals to employees, thereby stalling successful implementation of new lean manufacturing concepts.

This session will discuss:

  • The ultimate Lean manufacturing measure: Flow Time
  • Cycle, takt, lead, and flow time
  • The responsiveness age opportunity
  • Measuring flow time – the starting point
  • 5 steps to flow time metric development

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